Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Spooning

It's a sure sign that Spring is on it's way when the crocus peeks out of the flower bed in the front yard. The yellow bulbs are just starting to bloom and will be followed by purple and a few white. Crocus doesn't seem to mind getting snowed on. They just close up and wait until it melts so they can open again.

The daffodils will be showing off in about two weeks. Just this afternoon I noticed the tulip tips have now pushed up through the dirt and bark.

Last year I planted an unusual crop and they seem to have survived the winter quite well. As you can see, my forks and spoons are gearing up for summer. Because these species are very rare in Utah they have drawn some interesting comments. Shortly after planting them late last fall my neighbor's young grandson asked her about the spoons. She explained to him that we were growing them for a party. As soon as they got big enough we would harvest and use them to eat ice cream sundaes.

In years past clear knives were planted in the pumpkin patch. They didn't do well and got lost in the large vines. A few of my forks have lost some tines and some of the spoons were broken in half when an unknowing person stepped on them. Soon these pretty white ornamental plants will be surrounded by green leaves of the perennials that hopefully are under them.



Erstwild said...

They have plastic like Utensils at my work cafeteria that are made from modified corn starch, and they do biodegrade.

-Mike H.

bleason said...

Numi, speaking of seeds and bulbs, sometimes you and your gang save your coinage findings as seed money for a trip to some interesting place. Any thing in store for the near future? We will be doing Destin, Fl later this month then on down to Venice, Fl to see a friend that has cronic diabetes and not doing so well.
I just totally reworked the front beds with 1,000 sprigs of dwarf monkey grass. It is Spring in New Orleans.


The Numismatist said...

We have a bunch of trips in the works but no concrete plans yet. Hubby wants to go back to Vancouver, BC this spring and that would include a few days in Seattle. We have some legal obligations in AZ that are throwing a wrench in making definite plans for the next month or so but both of us are anxious to get the suitcases dusted off.

We tried to go to FL a couple of years ago but couldn't make the trip fall into place. We also hope to make Denver soon. And Disneyland with the kids is on the calendar for October.