Monday, December 7, 2009

True Colors

It's that time of the year when the days all begin to run together. The calendar that Zeus and I share is carefully tracked so that we don't miss anything. (Still regretting that forgotten soccer game last week Mr. Eris, Jr.)

Last Saturday was one of those days. Seven appointments were carefully lined up beginning at 8 am. Breakfast with friends, an open house at the Nature Center, two soccer games, a church dinner and a bunch of family portrait sessions. It all went surprisingly well with no hitches. Our great room/kitchen had been converted to a studio the night before and the kids were a blast to work with. Some little ones are naturals when they get in front of the camera and do all that is asked effortlessly. They make this hobby of mine worth it and I always look forward to playing with them again and again.
Those kids come in all sizes. While firing some test shots these "kids" showed their true colors.

Culling through the raw images it has become clear that personalities can be accurately captured when I ask for "the goofiest faces". The photo below wordlessly describes each individual.

Right now it is 16 degrees outside with a nasty, wicked wind taking the chill factor down to 6. The roads are icy and the snow is drifting. A good day to stay in and edit.



Muriel said...

Thanks for squeezing us in! We had a great time and even hit that kitchen store with 15 minutes to spare before the closed.

JW said...

Numi, you have a way of bringing out the goofyness in people :) Love the pics!

bleason said...

Coinage = $.48, chill factor = .06, that is hard earned finds. In New Orleans, we call .30 weather a blizzard. Stay warm. Nice shots. I have bought apparatus to hook my cell phone to my computer in hopes of better documentation of New Orleans finds. Now if I can make it work.