Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Move over Ansel Adams!

Early in October Little Ms. informed me that in her first-grade classroom all the students were required to enter the Reflections Contest. She chose photography and asked if I would help her. Whoo hoo!!!!

I strapped my heavy DSLR around her neck, set it to AUTO and showed her how to zoom the big lens. We were busy for about 90 minutes in four different locations while she shot 145 images. Back home we looked at the images. She chose the milkweed as the one she wanted to enter. It was hard because they were all pretty good!

The only post-processing done to her image was cropping (required) and she did it herself after I showed her the steps.

Tonight we proudly watched as she accepted an Award of Excellence for her photograph. It was also chosen to advance to the next round of competition at the district level.

Oh yes, this is one proud Grandma!


The Duchess said...

Very cool!!

athena said...

That is awesome!!!

Eris said...

It was so great! Clearly, this artistic talent skips a generation.

PS - She lost second front tooth just for the occasion.

Sharyn said...

congratulations to the small one, and what a great memory maker day for both of you.

KFinley said...

That is a great photo!

bleason said...

Congratulations to Little Ms and her award winning photo--very impressive. So impressive that your blog entry failed to show a coinage total for the period. Humm..I guess some things are so good that they should be on center stage just by themselves.