Saturday, December 12, 2009

No panic

Finally, it's a little warmer. Today it got warm enough to dump snow. Only about four or five inches at our house, but then we are in the valley. Benches got about double that amount. It is beautiful. And quiet. And light.

Tomorrow I will get a good start on my shopping. For weeks I've listened as others have bragged (yes, that would be you, Athena) that their gifts have all been dutifully purchased. For some reason I haven't been phased at all by the approaching holidays, almost like I'm denying that they are coming. There is a stack of flannel waiting for transformation into the beloved pajama pants and the day has been set aside for this to happen. A few gift certificates have been purchased but that's about it.

Perhaps the fact that I'm not worried should in itself cause panic.


(No, that is not our house on the left, or the right.)

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bleason said...

My empathy for the Numismatis is not in her tardiness for seasonal shopping, but in her self-reported $000.000. My wish for her is a long thaw and loads of coins found from her walking/jogging rounds.