Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post-holiday Peace on Earth

Thirty minutes ago I sent the last gift out the door. I know, they are a day late, but those two little girl's dresses had to be tried on before the final stitches were put in. They didn't need them until tomorrow anyway. The fabric was gold and red crushed velour and all I could think about while sewing them was a couch from the 70's. The girls love them because they are swingy and ruffly. Eris loves them because they can be wadded up in a ball with nary a wrinkle.

The holiday season was great at the Numi house. The big log cabin party on Wednesday night was as much fun as always (photos in two posts at the Shooting blog). A big thanks to all friends and family who came to share in the good times and eat all of the tasty food. Christmas Eve and morning was as expected, chaotic and noisy. Pajamas were handed out, a new Christmas story was read and the kids went to bed. The problem every year is that Eris and Athena want to stay up all night talking and giggling. All the beds in the house were filled. Couches and floors were also littered with quilts and sleeping family members.

The morning festivities started at 6:30 and by 9:30 all presents had been opened, Zeus' breakfast casserole had been devoured and cars were pulling out of the driveway. Ahhh, time for our relaxing day to begin. No cooking, no kids, no phone, just quiet. Leftovers for dinner, new electronic gadgets to conquer and way too much chocolate to eat.

It's been a busy month. As usual, I look forward to enjoying a slower pace. I know that isn't going to happen for at a few months. Three short trips are scheduled (so far) and the calendar is being updated constantly.

Life is good.

$?.?? (I did go out yesterday afternoon but haven't counted.)

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