Sunday, April 25, 2010


My father was a quiet man. Fran, who grew up with him, told me once that sometimes when a group of boys were walking home from school Dad would just disappear. I didn't realize until I was an adult how true that was. None of his three daughters seemed to pick up that trait. We all tend to be outspoken, bossy and quite loud at times. Dad's grandchildren are also a lively bunch, with the exception of one.

Nephew Brett is much like his grandfather. In the past it has been nearly impossible to get smiles out of him when a camera is involved. He is probably the quietest man I have ever met, retreating silently when our large family gathers. One-on-one meetings are a different story. The playfulness comes out and his mischievous side takes over.

Last week I had a fabulous time with Brett and his fiance Jacci taking photos for their upcoming wedding. For over an hour I watched with joy as they played in the field of old farm equipment and antique trucks. Smiles and laughter were everywhere and before I knew it my shutter had clicked well over 350 times. It was difficult to narrow down the images for proofing because I was so amazed at their beaming faces!

Thanks to B and J for sharing your happiness!

$3.58 (finally went out ralking this morning. Boy-howdy, did those streets need cleaning!)


KFinley said...

They are such a great couple! Can't wait for June 3rd to come!

Eris said...

This is such a great post! I never thought of Brett's quiet demeanor as something he inherited from Grandpa, but it completely fits. When we worked together I used to love watching him sit on the gate of his truck eating his sack lunch alone.

My favorite picture in my office - and the one that gets the most comments from visitors - is one with Brett at a Christmas party. He has a half-smile/half-threatening leer, a shaved head and a goatee. I have been asked more than once if it's me with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I love it.

bleason said...

Enjoyed your compare/contrast answers concerning walking, jogging, and biking. I will be following the novelty motivation issue, to see which is the best buffer against boredom, walking or biking? I related to your issue about losing interest in forever walking/jogging. And even finding coins and currency bills eventually becomes a bit boring. My current solution is collection ground scores for a yard sale. Today I lugged home a 5 x 7 carpet that matched a bed that had been left behind when someone moved. They will be cleaned repaired and sold in the yard sale. What I will do to maintain interest after that novelty is gone is a guess.

Good money totals.