Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spinning my wheels

Oh my goodness! It's like I'm eight years old again! That was the year that a shiny new bike was waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

Yesterday was Christmas all over again! The bike that I ordered last week finally arrived. It's a hybrid Raleigh, pearl white with lots of gears and brakes and other cool stuff. But the best part is the nice comfy seat that protects my backwards tailbone. I had resisted riding for thirty years ever since that fateful day getting off the ski lift...

I was a bit nervous when I test rode a number of bikes after not being on one in years but once I hopped aboard it came back fast. (Eris was with me and claimed to have flashbacks of the time I tried - unsuccessfully - to ride a motorcycle and crashed in front of my children.)

Yesterday afternoon Eris and I rode for a while around my neighborhood. This morning I took it out on the road for an hour and LOVED it!

Hopefully this new addition will put some zing back in my physical workouts. For the last few months ralking has become tiresome, especially while it's been so cold and wet. The plan is to alternate between the two. I'm also excited about riding with Eris, the Duchess and the grandkids. Maybe we can even get Athena to come with us! And Jubee, get ready!

(Obviously the numismatizing will suffer, but I did manage three pennies this morning.)


Muriel said...

So excited for you! We're getting our bikes all tuned up next week! Can't wait!

The Duchess said...

Okay - as Princess says "Daddy will get your bike for you" - so I'll lean on him so I can get mine tuned up too!!

mfranti said...

i love it! it's exactly what i imagined for you.

i hope you love riding bikes, D. it's a wonderful way to keep healthy.

and it's good for your brain:

Eris said...

The numismatizing doesn't have to suffer - you get to cover more ground now! You'll just have to get really good at stopping to pick them up. Be glad you don't have clip pedals.

Sharyn said...

That sound of the wind in your ears and the bike tires on the ground is wonderful...good for you!

bleason said...

Great looking bike. Be careful and not hit any moneywalkers with those right turns.