Friday, April 2, 2010

The perfect excuse

It's always interesting to see what walks in my front door on Grandma Tuesday morning. Littlest arrives in her nightgown, fresh out of bed, carrying her blanket and a bag with clothes in it. Breakfast is taken care of first, then often a shower where she will play with the measuring cups and washcloths until the water turns cold. Then she gets dressed and we are free for the day to run all kinds of errands and get in a little playtime before returning home for reading and an afternoon snooze.

This is what we found in the bag yesterday. Two left shoes, one hers and the other Little's. That put an end to the day's planned activities. That's okay. With all of the rain and snow we've been getting it was a perfect excuse to get out the Legos, magnets and books.



Casi the Great said...

Dad got her ready huh?

Eris said...

I won't complain about it. I have decided to find it charming.