Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll make a million!!!

Moneywalker asked a question a few posts back about how my new bike has affected my thoughts and observations while exercising. After giving it some consideration and the with healing of my first road rash I can now answer.

Today our weather turned wintry again with rain and snow showers. In the past five years those conditions wouldn't have stopped me from lacing up the shoes and heading out to find shiny, round objects on the roads. I'm certainly not afraid of getting cold and wet. However, those same conditions will keep me off my bike. And that does not make me happy at all.

The last three weeks of riding has been interesting. I'm no longer afraid of cars whizzing past my left shoulder, although I must admit that I still give them plenty of respect and leeway. Mostly they are ignored except at intersections where I'm careful to make eye contact with drivers before crossing paths. Drivers making right turns are especially dangerous, a fact learned fast when I began running.

At first the transition from running against the traffic to riding with the traffic was weird. More than once I found myself on the wrong side of the road. Utah laws require bicycles to observe to all moving vehicle laws. The first time Eris showed me how to cross a major highway in a traffic lane was very unsettling but I'm now getting used to it. Still not ready to "shoot the gap" and don't plan on ever doing it.

As for numismatizing, it is much more difficult but certainly not impossible. There are three car washes along my current route. It's easy to get off the bike and take a quick stroll while catching a drink of water.

Road finds are much harder. But I think I've found a solution. Training wheels. Yup. Training wheels. I'm thinking that if I install them on my rear wheels and duct tape some powerful magnets to the bottom sticky-out side my ride totals will go up considerably. Yes? Just think... I could make a million off this idea!! Bikers of all kinds will be clamoring for my invention!

To answer the rest of MoneyWalker's question, the addition of biking to my exercise routine has had a few surprises. When out ralking there was nothing to keep me from slowing down or stopping altogether. Can't do that on a bike. I have to work to keep the mph at a decent level. I also believe the cardio benefits are much greater than ralking, at least for me personally. Mixing up the workouts relieves some of the boredom that was setting in.

Tonight while talking with Athena about her "boot camp" she mentioned how much she hates a treadmill and stationary bike. I totally agree. I want to be outside with fresh air, marveling at our incredible mountains and feeling the wind on my face. Each time I hear the frogs croaking in the pond or see the newborn ducklings on the canal I love it even more. Athena, you would love it. I dare you.

$1.99 (total from last week)

(The top photo is Little Ms. taken at a July 4th parade in 2009. She is now riding sans training wheels.)


KFinley said...

I say try out the magnets - spread the wealth!

athena said...

That audasticle carrying man made me run tonight after 20 minutes on the bike and 10 on the treadmill. He said to consider it the last stretch of a race to the finish and that I needed to beat the guy in front of me. It wasn't as bad as I expected but it still wasn't easy. UGH.

The Numismatist said...

Oh, you make a mother proud! And I must tell you, the horror stories of boot camp are enough to keep me in my civies forever.

bleason said...

Sorry about the bike accident. Hope the weather is better--getting hot in New Orleans. As for those auto right hand turns, the cell phone drivers are the worst. They can't be bothered with eye contact which as a third task is a way distant third in terms of their attention capabilities. Careful!
As for training wheels, great idea. When I take up biking, I will need them for basic balance rather than numismatizing (great word).
As for the boredom that comes from ralking, boredom is a problem for me as well. But this week I have had two incredible money days which helps some.
Incidently, I posted a similar message several days ago but it failed to publish, I must have hit the wrong signal.
Good luck with the bike and the softball, a game that I played for years and years in an adult league.