Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cracking up

Friday, 2:30 a.m: We were awakened in the middle of the night by a loud sound in the house. My first thought was something exploded in the kitchen or downstairs. Hey, it was the middle of the night so I went back to sleep.

Yesterday morning when I get up to take a shower I notice that the small high window in the bathroom has a crack running from corner to corner. It is displaced enough that there is a sharp edge along the entire seam. It will have to be replaced. Soon.

Oops, sorry. wrong crack.

Once again, we are in the middle of a cold snap, not quite as bad as the northeastern states are seeing, but still cold. There has been a bag of ice cubes sitting on my patio leftover from our December 23rd party. It is within five feet of the house yet has not melted.

Temperatures have not played a factor in my ralking for the last five years. Extra layers of clothing usually takes care of the cold. This year, not so much. Wimpiness is creeping into my head and the excuses are getting easier. The single-digit temps combined with the lack of sunlight early in the mornings has turned me into a whiny two-year-old. Yesterday morning I rationalized and went to the mall for some indoor walking. blech.

Tomorrow morning, even if it takes twenty extra layers, I will be out there.


Muriel said...

We've had a bathroom pipe freeze and can get no cold water. And, my Diet Coke is exploding in my garage!

Wendy said...

Yesterday 3 to 4 apartments flooded because of overhead pipes breaking in the Residential Assisted Living Center where a friend of mine lives. Her closet was flooded and her clothes were drenched. Her new TV and mink coat got wet and her purse had about 5 inches of water in it. Summertime where are ye?

bleason said...

The MoneyWalker feels Wendy's pain. He may be repairing frozen pipes soon. Hope to see you back on the road soon.


Steve Lazar said...

You guys "crack" me up!

Sorry to hear it's freezing. We just have lots of rain in Seattle...not sure that I'd like to trade though.

Hope that you thaw out soon.

Take care,
Steve from Seattle