Monday, December 22, 2008

Take a deep breath!

Have you heard the news? Have ya? Have ya? Oh my goodness, Zeus told me the most fabulous news yesterday! Now Eris, Muriel and Loki, you need to brace yourself for this.

For the last month I have been watching the construction on a new building just three short miles from my front door. Yes, this afternoon I actually measured the distance on the odometer of my car. It is close enough that I could run there on a good day. The construction style looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place it. Well, I have now been informed that this building is indeed going to be a new Deseret Industries! Oh my, someone please check to make sure that Eris and Muriel are still breathing!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Deseret Industries, it is the equivalent of a Salvation Army Thrift Store, a Savers or Goodwill. The DI, as it is affectionately known in these parts, is run by the LDS Church and is an outstanding training and employer of adults with disabilities.

Some of you will think that my excitement is overdone. A big pbfffffttt to you. I love roaming around looking for treasures. And I don't think there is one of you (at least those of you who live close to me) that hasn't benefited in some way by my "finds". In the last year I finally found (thanks to Mom) all of the replacement pieces to my Noritake China that mysteriously went missing in one of my moves 20 years ago. I've also found pieces to my sister's treasured Madrid Depression Glass collection that match the set she received from my grandmother. My discontinued Pfaltzgraff stoneware pattern is kept alive and well, along with many varied serving pieces, most of which I've never seen until I come across them on the shelves! I look for quality photo frames for my images as well as nice 3-ring binders that are ready to be covered with fabric for my mountains of scrapbooks. Oh, the treasures are there just waiting to be discovered!

I don't know when the opening date is but you can count on the Numismatist being there to watch the ribbon cutting! Duchess and Athena, you are welcome to join me!

Eris? Muriel? Are you okay?

$.13 (too much snow and ice to go out... damn)


Eris said...


Muriel said...

My heart is beating sooooo fast with excitement!

Sharyn said...

Not overdone pleasure at all! When we lived in Oregon there was a DI about 3 miles from us. I loved going there and often donated too. They always wanted to know what my stake? was :). Seemed to confuse them that I was donating and not of the Mormon faith~ Thrift stores have come a long way from the dingy places where it felt like we needed to wash our lungs and hands upon leaving. Good for them, more income, more good works. Among his talents, I'm sure God is a good businessman in his own way...

Loki said...

One more reason for us to come and visit...I love going to a store where the selection is completely different every 3 days, and usually in my price range. On top of that it is the second best bookstore I have ever found. (Powell's Used Books in Portland is still the best). Not to mention that it is the end all source for "Grandma Gold 1981 Shiny Reeboks."