Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dong Zhi!

The month of December is filled with all kinds of holidays, so why not add another? My guess is that few, if any of you have ever heard of this one, just enough reason for me to celebrate it!

Today is Dong Zhi, a Chinese holiday that recognizes the Winter Solstice. This year the solstice officially occurs at 12:04 p.m. and you can bet that at moment I will be out in my front yard dancing around my Festivus pole, rejoicing that each day for the next six months I will have a few more minutes of sunshine.

Dong Zhi is connected to the concept of yin and yang, which is the harmony and balance in life, or keeping things equal. All of you OCD people around me should easily relate to this. You can celebrate Dong Zhi by methodically eating your M&Ms in pairs (color-coordinated of course), folding your towels in perfect halves or parting your hair exactly down the center. Whatever your yin needs to yang.

So come on over to my house for some fortune cookies and tangyuan (rice dumplings).

Hurray for Dong Zhi!



Eris said...

Save some for the Erises - we should make it home from Denver in about three weeks.

Sharyn said...

I will be there to dance with you in spirit. Sharyn

KFinley said...

Can you hold out four more days? I LOVE fortune cookies!

athena said...

All hail Dong Zhi! I really dislike leaving the house AND the office in the dark! Looking forward to longer days.

Numismatist Facts said...

Kara, I'll save some for you. In fact, just this afternoon I got some chocolate-dipped fortune cookies. We can sneak upstairs and eat them on Wednesday night!

KFinley said...

Even better! I'll be there!