Friday, December 19, 2008

My younger/older sister

Two months ago I wished a Happy Birthday to my younger sister Paula. Today I will send those same wishes to my sister Ann. She won't like it very much when I tell you that I am a bratty middle child.

It was always pretty hard to follow in the Ann's footsteps. She was a straight A student while I didn't care much about grades. Her hair was perfectly coiffed and makeup was always impeccably applied while I was much too lazy to worry about silly things like that. She worked from the time she was old enough to buy nice clothes that I promptly borrowed from her, without permission of course. She excelled in music and made it a successful profession while I played the piano as a hobby, rarely putting much effort into it.

Her accomplishments have been many and I'm proud to call her my sister.

Throughout my lifetime I have always felt that I resembled my father. His hair was dark and I thought my smile was more like his. As the years fly by there is now the occasional surprise when I am standing in front of a mirror and I recognize pieces of the rest of my family. Lately those little flashes have been of my Mom and Ann. Yes, we really are sisters.

Happy Birthday Ann. See you at lunch this afternoon.
And for whatever it's worth, because I am forever 39 and Paula is forever 26, feel free to choose whatever number you would like. I'll never tell.