Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sunday mornings, my favorite time. The weather forecast for this morning was iffy, rain and snow showers predicted until around 4 am. Zeus woke me at 6 and told me that it was clear, dry and warm. Fifteen minutes later I was out the door. The sun was just beginning to brighten up the eastern horizon so out to the west it was still dark. Until I turned the corner at the end of our street.

There was the most incredible full moon I have ever seen. Huge and golden with two lines of clouds in front of it. It was like a picture out of a children's Halloween book, minus the witch or black cat. I found myself stopping to stare at it. Unfortunately, the only camera in the car was my little point-and-shoot so this photo certainly cannot convey what it really looked like.

Within five minutes a few more clouds moved in front of it and suddenly a moon reflection was shooting straight up. I'm not really sure how to describe it except that it was probably the most beautiful moonset ever.

Did I mention that I love Sunday mornings?

$2.62 plus a carwash token


bleason said...

Great photo of the full moon. Your hobby makes me want to shell out the big bucks and buy a real camera.

Great totals!

Also enjoyed reading about the joy you provided your mom and aunt with the computer upgrade.


Eris said...