Friday, February 19, 2010

The pointless post

Time. I don't know where it goes. Seems like just yesterday I was taking that photo of Dad's camera. Four days. It's already Friday and thinking back about the last week there really has been a lot accomplished. My downstairs rooms are finally put back together and the Christmas tree has been moved to the other side of the storage room door where it will stay until Thanksgiving. Scrapbooks are updated, a few cupboards have been cleaned and the floor has been mopped three times (love those children).

Fun things are happening along with the work. A family gathering was held last Sunday to visit with the Denverites. On Grandma Tuesday three little ones got their first experience at bowling. There is nothing cuter than little two and three-year-olds dancing in their itty bitty size 7 bowling shoes each time the pins start to fall over! We've got to do that one again!

Watching the Olympics has provided nighttime entertainment, complete with popcorn or smoothies.

For the last two days I have spent quite a few hours at this computer learning some new photoshop skills. Oh man, will this ever stop? Just when I thought layers had been conquered I find out that the most important aspect of this tool has gone unused in my editing. A new book combined with careful studying, experimenting, a little hair-pulling and quiet profanity have proven to be valuable. (The above image is the Prince taken last month.)

This morning brought two hours of bliss out on the streets. It is beginning to warm up (mid-30s). Add to that the earlier sunrise and it almost feels like spring. Zeus told me this afternoon that the plants in the front yard are beginning to green up.

So goes my life. Every day brings new challenges. Never bored.

$3.14 and a hat


Sharyn said...

Good Morning!

bleason said...

Glad to see you back on the streets and finding coinage in such nice amounts.

I did not intend to not answer your question about my daughter from some time back. My return post did not deliver??? The answer is that the person you encountered on face book is probably not Connie Thompson, my daughter. Oh Well!

"...two hours of bliss out on the street" is a well crafted comment. In future blogs the MoneyWalker will feature more of what this sentence means to me and to other "pedestrians."

Incidental, I had a rather close call with a left-turing driver, usually it is the right turning dudes that can't be bothered to look. He was making a rapid u-turn to make a traffic light just as I was walking the street. Be carefull!