Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Lonely Rhinestone

The popcorn has been vacuumed up off the basement floor. The furniture and decor has been returned to the rightful places. Tutus are in the toy room waiting for the next onslaught of little girls. Images have been edited and printed. Zeus has safely returned home from his short trip to the south.

The photo above is an earring that is without a mate. All I could come up with was the oval rhinestone. Hopefully in all of the excitement of the evening this lonely earring got tangled in some tulle and it will glitter it's way back home. (It does have some sentimental value to me.)
Can you mommies please check your backpacks and toy boxes?

There is a stack of unclaimed items that were gathered up after the storm of XX chromosomes left on Saturday. Among those things are a pink coat (Addi?), a baggie of small clothes, two bags of fingernail polish, some miscellaneous baubles and a large canister of red licorice (get it out!!!).

Some of my favorite photos of that memorable evening have been posted at the Shooting Blog. Click on over to see what fun we had!

$2.05 (I am loving the earlier sunrise and slightly warmer temps!)


athena said...

I'm so glad I stayed up tonight to see these! I've been anxiously awaiting the pictures!!! More please!

The Numismatist said...

I do have some more that can be posted in a few days.

bleason said...

I was happy to see those coinage totals and read about the warmer weather.

Now for those grandkinds and wardrobe play, my girls are coming next week-end for Mardi-gras. Our wardrobe play will be costuming for parades. I won't try to explain "throw me something mister" but those girls, some on ladders and some working the streets will be going back to Wilton, CT with pounds and pounds of Mardi Gras throws, mostly long colorful beads. If I had a Utah address, I will send your girls some of the loot.

In the mean time, we can't get that excited, we are all "who dat'en."


The Numismatist said...

We love Mardi Gras beads! With so many girls around here there is always a stash of them in the play drawer.

Ahem... I already know how those beads are obtained. But the little ones don't.

I will be watching and cheering for your team this Sunday!