Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Nothing is better than a Christmas afternoon. It's time to relax after days of parties with families and friends. Good times have been had by all.

The traditions of our family were observed again this year. After an evening at Grandmama's house enjoying soup and chaos (28 people in two rooms?) everyone came back to the house to get ready for Santa. The pjs were unwrapped and put on. A new Christmas book was opened and read. The kids were sent to bed to try and go to sleep. Parents stayed up late to finish up last-minute tasks and to laugh and talk about Christmas' past.

Five hours of sleep went by quickly. This year the Littlest Ms. Eris got a sneak preview of the Santa haul. At her young age she was fully aware that there were good things in all those packages!

The kids were allowed to come upstairs once Grandmama was securely settled in her chair to watch the festivities. A special thanks to Mr. Athena for venturing out early to go get her after last night's beautiful snowstorm.

After an hour of opening gifts and eating breakfast it was now time to relax. As usual, Eris was the first to crash, followed shortly by Athena.

By 10 a.m. the loot has been packed up and the kids are leaving. Ahhh, it is quiet. Almost spooky. The cleaning up happens very slowly. The bed probably won't get made at all. Yes, that's right! Leftovers for lunch and supper.

Why should I cook when there is a plate of homemade chocolates right next to me!


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Eris said...

It was nice. For the record, Athena crashed at exactly the same time I did. And it was the first of my three naps today. I love Christmas!

Oh, and Athena: Make that two A-minuses.