Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dimple complete.

The dimple has been created, although it is currently in the healing stages. Sorry, no photos.

We had been warned that the day of surgery would be long even though it was to be done under a local anesthetic. The procedure is basically cut, pathology, cut, pathology, close. It took two cuts to have clear margins which leaves me with nearly a 100% cure rate! I'll take that!! I do carry a higher risk of developing melanoma in a different location so it will be sunscreen and hats from here on out.

For the next week I will be sporting large bandages on my right cheek, along with some bruising and tenderness. The incision is not pretty, almost two inches long. They assure me that in six months it will be barely visible. In the meantime I'm sticking to a story involving a bar fight and a broken beer bottle.

$1.23 (collected on our DC trip)


PS. Wear your sunscreen!


swooze said...

You should throw in "yoou should see what the other guy looks like" for good measure!

twincapes said...

Congrats on moving through the melanoma, been there also. Keep picking up that treasure, you have your health back, which is the biggest treasure-