Sunday, November 15, 2009

No turning back now. It's here.

It's officially here. Yesterday morning the snowstorm hit fast and hard. It only left a couple of inches on the ground in the valleys but the mountains got socked. Ski resorts are open and I noticed holiday lights on houses tonight. Ugh.

When I left for my Sunday morning ralk the outdoor thermometer said 16 degrees. Brrrrrr. An extra shirt, leggings and double gloves took care of it. Love those layers. Oh, switching to the heavy wool/Thinsulate hat helped a lot.

The ralking clothes are laid out on the dresser ready for tomorrow morning. I haven't gone swimming for months, always telling the swimming ladies that I'll be back in the pool when the weather gets bad. That hot pool is looking mighty inviting right now but as long as there is no ice on the road or freezing wind I'll probably stay outdoors.

$1.86 plus a wallet. The wallet was in a Park and Ride partially covered with snow. The green bills hanging on a money clip caught my eye after I nearly passed it by. Turned it over to the local Sheriff who happened to be at Wendy's for a cuppa. Richard L. can relax now and not have to spend all day tomorrow cancelling that huge stack of credit cards!


KFinley said...

NO! It wasn't supposed to snow until January!

The Numismatist said...

I'm sure it didn't snow anywhere but at my house so don't worry.

Mrs. Dub said...

That's what you get for living by the mountains.

Eris said...

Sorry, it snowed at my house too.

bleason said...

It always feels good to provide a helping hand. One recent find was a cell phone with a full charge. Called PawPa from the director and right away located the owner. Several times it has been a tire that needs changing. Yikes about the snow and cold. I had to go long sleeve for today's 6 a.m. walk. Losing that car wash was a bummer.